My Glasses, From Firmoo ~ Geek Glasses Are Back. One of the favorite sunglasses trend for urbanites is geek glasses or glasses with thick frames like nerds. As the name implies, these glasses can change your look smart as well as fashionable. There is now a very wide range of models offered in thickframed glasses, I got confused when choosing glasses in Firmoo, com, because there are a variety of unique models of glasses cool and there is very complete. I finally chose this model .

ahmad ariful amri

ahmad ariful amri

And the extraordinary thing from firmoo, free eyeglasses program for first-time customers order glasses at Every new customer can get their first pair free. You can check it out here, all you have to do is pay for shipping. You can choose a wide range of models of glasses, and may try to use the "virtual try on" that can visualize glasses on your face

To get free glasses from firmoo very easy, you just need to go into here or go directly to and see the picture below. It's easy


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